Our people set us apart

Leslie Schimelpfenig

Senior Compliance Specialist

Leslie Schimelpfenig, senior compliance specialist, provides technical expertise regarding Davis-Bacon and State prevailing wage regulatory compliance. She also coordinates with management to develop and provide training sessions and workshops on compliance processes and procedures to internal staff and clients. Leslie manages complex compliance cases of government-funded construction projects, with significant interaction with clients to develop and achieve compliance goals. Additionally, she reviews contract compliance to ensure Davis-Bacon language is included, investigates and documents findings when violations occur, conducts employee interviews as appropriate, analyzes and disseminates certified payroll records and conformances, and routinely reviews and monitors federal and state prevailing wage determinations. Finally, Leslie proactively coordinates with government agencies to ensure the timeliness of investigations for non-compliance.

Earlier in her career, Leslie worked as a Davis-Bacon compliance administrator for a general contractor where she monitored compliance on one key $1.5 billion project, which was assigned three separate wage determinations. In addition, she helped coordinate investigations between the U.S. Department of Labor and subcontractors working on the site.

On a personal note, Leslie enjoys spending her free time hiking, taking kickboxing classes, and relaxing while reading a good book. She also enjoys picking out new wines to try, solely based on the look of the bottle, which isn’t always a success…