Our people set us apart

Luke Douglas

Government Relations Director

As government relations director, Luke Douglas directs the government relations team and leads projects for major clients. He assists clients with the development and implementation of their government relations and strategic communications plans, the management of their political action committees, and the analysis of legislation and policies that impact their organizations.

Luke thrives most in the nexus where law, policy, and politics meet, and his education and experience reflect that. He came to TCLG from serving as executive director and general counsel of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix. Before that, he started his career in professional political advocacy when he was eighteen.

Luke holds a Juris Doctorate with a concentration in constitutional law and a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

On a personal note, Luke reads avidly about history, the social sciences and philosophy. In their spare time, you can spot Luke and his wife playing pub trivia or spending time with their pit bull mutt, Maeve.