Create a plan that resonates with your industry

TCLG offers an exceptional combination of services to help our diverse clients reach their goals. We take you through the strategy and idea development to the plan implementation and measurement of results.

Government Affairs

No matter what business you’re in, public policy impacts you, your customers and your stakeholders.

The TCLG government relations team provides the critical expertise, connections and political / campaign experience to:

  • Identify public policy stakeholders and decision makers that influence your business
  • Track, analyze and report on legislation at all levels of government and impact on your industry
  • Develop and execute persuasive public policy plans
  • Lobby for client interests and objectives with elected officials and business leaders
  • Create and implement political action and endorsement programs for businesses and organizations
  • Plan and manage grassroots political events and fundraisers

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Political Action Lobbying PAC Training

Regulatory Compliance

TCLG’s compliance experts take a proactive approach to Davis-Bacon and Related Acts compliance, educating both public entities and contractors of their DBRA requirements. TCLG also works in concert with county, city, town, public agency staff  and contractors to ensure that programs and dollars are administered appropriately and that all parties involved know their compliance obligations.

TCLG’s team can help solve problems that you may encounter during the compliance process from project conception through completion.

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Prevailing Wage Compliance Wage Surveys

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications is more than sending out client emails, printing a brochure or issuing a few press releases.  You need a comprehensive approach that includes a clear public relations plan with appropriate marketing messages and content development.

We’re here to help you craft the right message that ultimately helps you generate the kind of publicity with your target audience that keeps you top of mind – in a good way.

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Public Relations Marketing Campaigns Content Development