Wage Surveys

We work hard to level the playing field on federal construction jobs for clients nationally. Through our comprehensive Wage Survey Initiative, we provide training to maximize participation in a wage survey to ensure that your rate prevails.  This comprehensive model incorporates contractors and their partners for data gathering and specific presentation formats to the US DOL.

The Secretary of Labor establishes the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates by trade classification, type of work and geographic location. Prevailing wages are primarily set using data submitted voluntarily during a Davis-Bacon Wage Survey. Participation in a wage survey process is an essential part of securing a union prevailing wage rate. The DOL conducts surveys infrequently, so this may be your only opportunity over the next several years to ensure your protect your wage package.

The innovative approach to Davis-Bacon Wage Survey participation that TCLG has developed provides a true competitive advantage that will work for you. We have worked extensively with contractor associations and building and construction trades councils to provide Davis-Bacon Wage Survey training nationwide.


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