Cheating contractors hurt us all

Prevailing Wage ComplianceMore than just a software program

Billions of dollars in construction work are subject to prevailing wage laws. At Torres Consulting and Law Group (TCLG), we work to level the playing field on these federal, state and municipal construction jobs for clients nationally.

Wage compliance is more than an expensive software program.  Noncompliance occurs more often in the classification of employees and the craft they perform on the job.  Software relies on the honesty and training of the person inputting the data.  Garbage in = garbage out could never be more true.  Be sure your tax dollars are protected.

Through our comprehensive compliance monitoring services, we keep watch on hundreds of projects and report cheating contractors. We’ve been hugely successful spotting and reporting wage theft, which in turn discourages cheating.

Whether we are monitoring a school district project or municipal construction, protecting taxpayers from contractors stealing wages from employees is our #1 priority.  Our actions get results.

We’re proud to be changing the construction industry by creating consequences to prevent underbidding and noncompliance. Our efforts help stop cheating and help contractors and trade unions that play by the rules to win the work they deserve.

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