Our people set us apart

Building a Voice. Protecting Tax Dollars. Delivering Results.

Our experience matters. The worlds of commerce, government, and labor have changed. We are nationally recognized for our integrated training, compliance monitoring, communications, political consulting and legal services. Our unique and professional approach to law and consulting gives our clients the advantage of a one-stop-shop approach for their professional services as Torres Law Group PLLC is engaged when litigation or legal services are called upon. Our dynamic team has more than 100 years of private and public sector experience combined with legal experience. This gives our clients a team of professionals with proven experience in creating and implementing strategic initiatives that produce results, and effectively interweave the critical players in the public and private sectors.

Israel G. Torres
Managing Partner
Laura Garcia
Operations Director
Jim Barton
General Counsel
RoAnne Edick
Administrative Assistant
Monse Vejar
Legal Secretary
Stephanie Bockrath
Government Relations Specialist
Christian Bearden
Government Relations Specialist
Mark Cardenas
Legislative Affairs Specialist
Brandi Devlin
Senior Communications Specialist
Anna Clark
Senior Compliance Specialist
Patrice Stevens
Senior Compliance Specialist
Leslie Schimelpfenig
Senior Compliance Specialist