Our people set us apart

Anna Clark

Compliance Advisor (Retired)

Anna Clark, compliance advisor, provided technical expertise regarding Davis-Bacon and State prevailing wage regulatory compliance. She and Managing Partner Israel G. Torres established the compliance department to address the needs of the firm’s construction industry clients. Anna retired in September 2022 after 12 years with the firm, yet remains active as a consultant on compliance issues.

She developed and provided training sessions and workshops on compliance processes and procedures to internal staff and clients.  During her tenure at TCLG, Anna managed complex compliance cases of government-funded construction projects, with significant interaction with clients to develop and achieve compliance goals. Additionally, she reviewed contract compliance to ensure Davis-Bacon language was included, investigated and documented findings when violations occur, conducted employee interviews as appropriate, analyzed and disseminated certified payroll records and conformances, and reviewed and monitored federal and state prevailing wage determinations.  Anna coordinated with government agencies to ensure the timeliness of investigations for non-compliance.

In her prior position as Arizona Department of Transportation’s chief labor compliance officer, Anna tracked contractors’ compliance with Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) and associated prevailing wage requirements on ADOT’s federally funded highway projects.  A specialist in the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and related laws, Anna worked closely with contractors, subcontractors, DOL investigators and individual employees to monitor and enforce payroll compliance.

On a personal note, Anna and her husband Barry spend their “R&R” time hanging out in her back yard – barbecuing with the kids and grand kids, working in the yard/gardening, swimming and enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather.