TCLG efforts lead to recovery of fringe benefits for Florida pipefitters

February 19, 2016

Torres Consulting & Law Group helped the Florida Pipe Trades achieve success after the TCLG compliance team filed third party complaints to the U.S. Department of Labor targeting three Florida contractors.

The DOL found RTD Construction Inc. to be in violation of Davis-Bacon and related Acts requiring back wages of $268,000 to be paid to 40 employees. In addition, a debarment review has been requested since the contractor demonstrated a total disregard to both the DOL and NASA, the project owner, for the Revitalize KSC Water and Wastewater Systems, Phase 4.

On the Bay Pines VA Hospital, TCLG submitted a Third Party complaint for two contractors: Lake Mechanical Contractors, Inc. and Randall Mechanical, Inc. The DOL found Lake Mechanical to be in violation of Davis-Bacon and related Acts requiring $9,000 to be paid to three employees for misclassification, resulting in underpayment.

The DOL also found Randall Mechanical, Inc. in violation of Davis-Bacon and related Acts. The contractor was required to pay back wages of $34,436.25 to two employees for improperly classifying employees, unpaid overtime and failure to pay health and welfare fringe benefits. Although, Randall Mechanical initially refused to pay the back wages, after several rounds of negotiations, an agreement was made.

Debarment was not recommended for either contractor, as each had no prior DBA history. The DOL did not find reasonable cause to believe that Lake Mechanical nor Randall Mechanical committed willful or aggravated violations.

TCLG provides a variety of consulting services, including regulatory compliance and public and government relations, to clients across the United States. A specialty is Davis- Bacon and prevailing wage compliance for local unions, contractor associations and building trades’ organizations.