Our people set us apart

Blanca Valdez

Compliance Specialist

Blanca Valdez brings more than 20 years of experience to her role as a compliance specialist where she assists clients in determining whether employees are classified properly and paid the appropriate wage and benefits when working on taxpayer-funded Davis-Bacon projects. When discrepancies are discovered, she helps clients develop strategies to resolve these issues.

Blanca has managed accounting and payroll departments for multiple entities, with a focus on payroll audits, to ensure all prevailing wage regulations have been met. In addition, she has processed payroll for dental corporations, unions, automobile dealerships, construction companies, trucking companies and more. She has experience using many of the popular payroll processing systems which helps her audit payroll records efficiently. Blanca is bilingual and has served as an interpreter for clients and employees.

In her free time, Blanca loves spending time with her husband and children. She’s a big football and soccer fan, but admits that her favorite sporting events are the ones her kids participate in. She’s their #1 fan!