New Mexico Contractor Violations Lead to Thousands in Back Wages for Electricians

January 19, 2023

The New Mexico Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and IBEW Local 611 suspected Alive Electric, a New Mexico contractor, was not complying with apprenticeship ratios on their latest project, Westside Vehicle Maintenance. These suspicions of violations were brought to the attention of Torres Consulting and Law Group’s compliance team who looked further into the company’s payroll records from May 2021 through July 2022.

TCLG’s compliance team combed over the company’s payroll and found that five employees were incorrectly paid and were due over $9,000 in wages. After these findings were presented to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, Alive Electric agreed to correct the workers job misclassifications and pay them their correct wages.

While Alive Electric states that the job misclassifications that led to the withholding of correct wages were not intentional, it is up to them to guarantee their workers correct wages. The TCLG team will continue to hold contractors committing wage violations accountable.