Statement from Torres Consulting & Law Group regarding Daniel Valenzuela and the Phoenix Mayoral Election’s news release titled, “Two Questions the Media Should be Asking Kate Gallego Today:”

February 25, 2019

Contact: Laura Garcia,

TEMPE, Ariz. – February 25, 2019 – Revitalize Arizona and Residents for Accountability were created to support candidates for office who support working families here in Arizona. For Phoenix Mayor, that candidate who best fits that description is Kate Gallego, not Daniel Valenzuela. Kate Gallego has a long record of results, and we are excited to support her candidacy and push back against attacks directed at her because we believe in her ability to transform Phoenix into a city that works for all of its residents, not just the special interests who fund Daniel Valenzuela’s campaign. All the income and expenditures from Revitalize Arizona and Residents for Accountability are fully disclosed, and therefore cannot be considered ‘dark money,’ despite Daniel Valenzuela’s claims.

Here at Torres Consulting & Law Group, we are proud of our long record of results achieved for working families—from wage theft recovered for workers from unscrupulous employers nationwide to serving as general counsel to Prop 206 that increased the minimum wage to fighting for teachers as general counsel to the Invest in Ed initiative last year. We are equally proud of the candidates we have supported through our fully disclosed independent expenditures, which have given voice to tens of thousands of workers whose voices have for too long been ignored in our politics. Daniel should spend more time thinking how his campaign can help working families rather than attacking a firm that works day in and day out on the lives of working families nationwide.

“The news release attacked me personally, although I’m not the one running for office. I am proud of my career choices and work ethic. My family traces its roots in the Arizona territory over 5 generations and copper mining is deeply rooted in our culture. As the first to attend law school, I work on cases and issues that matter to workers every day. I have built a firm and reputation pushing back against attacks on workers and families—interestingly enough, most of those attacks come from many of Danny’s current supporters,” added Israel Torres, Managing Partner of Torres Consulting & Law Group.

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