UA Local 412 Plumbers and Pipefitters selects TCLG for compliance monitoring

July 22, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shannon Reed, 602-626-8805

TEMPE, Ariz. – July 22, 2015 –Torres Consulting and Law Group (TCLG) has been hired by UA Local 412 Plumbers and Pipefitters to provide prevailing wage compliance on public works projects. For over 100 years, UA Local 412 has been protecting the health of our nation through Plumbing, Pipefitting and HVAC Service work. “We are pleased to be monitoring public works projects on behalf of Local 412 Plumbers and Pipefitters,” said TCLG’s Jessica Fotinos, compliance and regulatory affairs director. “Making sure contractors comply with prevailing wage laws demands a multi-faceted approach which will ultimately benefit UA Local 412’s members and their families.” Through its prevailing wage compliance monitoring services, TCLG makes sure contractors and government agencies comply with prevailing wage laws. The TCLG compliance team audits certified payrolls, submits complaints to state and federal agencies when violations are uncovered and takes legal action, when necessary. Chartered in 1910, UA Local 412 Plumbers and Pipefitters members work in the Heavy Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors. UA Local 412 members also specialize in HVAC Service throughout the Central New Mexico region, where cooling systems are vital to the economy. UA Local 412 has jurisdiction over both the State of New Mexico and area surrounding El Paso, Texas. Local 412 members are required to graduate from the UA International’s certified and accredited Joint Apprenticeship Training Program, which produces the best Journeymen in the industry. This 5-year apprenticeship program requires an apprentice to have over 10,000 hours of on-the-job training as well as over 1,200 hours of classroom education from certified instructors. TCLG provides a variety of consulting services, including regulatory compliance and public and government relations, to clients across the United States. A specialty is Davis- Bacon and prevailing wage compliance for local unions, contractor associations and building trades’ organizations.